MUST HAVE: Sony FE 50 mm 1.4 GM experience report

5. December 2023
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Today we are talking to Giorgio Fochesato, a multi-faceted photographer with a broad spectrum ranging from traditional travel photography to exquisite lifestyle productions. When asked about his favorite tool when using his Sony camera, he unhesitatingly highlights the Sony FE 50 mm 1.4 GM lens - a true classic in the photography world. This lens is characterized not only by its impressive speed, but also by its outstanding image quality and light weight, making it an indispensable companion for demanding photographic undertakings.

FC: How long have you had this Sony lens?

GF:I've had the 50 mm lens since the beginning of my career. Every time I buy a new camera, I make sure I buy a 50mm lens to go with it.

FC: How do you use the lens most often?

GF : The 50 mm lens can be used for everything, and that's what I like the most. It's great for portraits, but I can always take it with me when I go traveling. I can use it to photograph beautiful landscapes (and stitch them together so that they look huge) or take street shots. The photos always look perfect! I also often use this lens for event/wedding photography.

FC: From your point of view, what are the strengths and weaknesses of this lens?

GF: Ich glaube, ich habe diese Frage schon einmal beantwortet. Ich würde sagen, die Stärke ist die Tatsache, dass ich das 50-mm-Objektiv für alles verwenden kann, und das fertige Foto sieht immer großartig aus. Es ist ein Objektiv ohne wirkliche Schwächen, aber wenn ich eine auswählen müsste, würde ich sagen, dass es mich zwingt, viel zu laufen. Manchmal hätte ich gerne ein 200mm in der Tasche gehabt, nur um Fotos aus der Entfernung zu machen 🙂 .

FC: Would you recommend this lens?

GF: Ja, jeder Fotograf auf der Welt sollte ein 50-mm-Objektiv in der Tasche haben!

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Ein paar Bilder, die Giorgio mit diesen Objektiv gemacht hat, kannst du hier sehen:

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